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PTFE Fluoropolymers Xylan

Fluoropolymers Xylan Coating

Fluoropolymers Xylan Coating

Fluoropolymers Xylan Coating : PTFE is one of many possible fluoropolymers. They are not synonymous as fluoropolymer is a family of compounds and PTFE is a specific fluoropolymer. Fluorocarbons are a much larger family of compounds and is very non-specific.

PTFE Hoses

PTFE Hoses

PTFE hose has an excellent temperature characteristics both in high and low temperature, excellent chemical resistance, non contamination properties, low coefficient of friction and resists deterioration.

PTFE Moulded Products

PTFE Moulded Products

PTFE moulded semi-finished products like rods, cylinders, bush, blocks, sheets, tapes, etched cloth, tubes, pipes, magnetic stirrer and beakers.

Available unfilled or filled like glass, graphite, bronze. Available as per the required size and dimension. PTFE Silicone Adhesive Tape available in extruded and skived films.

Any width in length of 36 yards. Standard Thickness of 100 microns and also in other thickness TEFGLASTM - A combination of PTFE plus glass fiber without and with silicone adhesive. Width is 1000 mm and in continuous length.

Glass cloth contribute excellent strength and dimensional stability, exhibit essentially zero flow under heat and pressure and are highly resistant to cut-through. Also in tape and belt form.

There is no known solvents which can react with this materials. Temperature resistance from - 100°C to + 260°C and also resist up to 300oC for a short duration. Non-stick, non-wetting, self-lubricating, heat resistance and electrical insulation properties.

Typical Application:
Industries like Chemicals, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Fertilizers, Mechanical, Engineering, Pesticides, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Power, Oil, Exploration, Defence, Railways, Aerospace, Civil Construction, Food Processing etc.
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